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Transformative mindset education guides by Aaron Pang’s Transformative Purpose in 2023: Life triggers can be powerful events that shake us to our core and challenge everything we thought we knew about ourselves. In my case, the most recent trigger was the near loss of my child, and it left me languishing. The shame that sunk in was overwhelming. I felt like I had failed in the most important role of my life — being a father. I felt like I didn’t deserve to be a parent, and that I was unworthy of the love and trust that my child had placed in me. The languishing went on for about half a year. But as I began to work through my feelings of shame and inadequacy, I realized something important. Life triggers don’t have to define us. They can be devastating, but they can also be opportunities for growth and transformation. I put pen to paper and wrote down the experience, what it meant for me. Discover extra information at transformative mindset education.

Transformative Thoughts for Dads offers 100 fresh quotable quotes from the voice behind the award-winning Transformative Purpose podcast, author of the best-selling self-help book Unstuck: Think Like a Kid and Free Your Mind. Just as his previous volume encouraged getting down to kid height to understand the world through their eyes, this new guide helps fathers to step up and be there for their kids by kneeling down and engaging with them on their level. Written with humility, subtlety, wisdom and love, Transformative Thoughts for Dads breaks down parenting issues into wonderful flashes of insight on steps toward becoming that father every kid needs.

Aaron Pang

The vast majorit of elite performers have a coach. Are you lacking the willpower to make progress towards your goals, or you are just going through the motions of life. When was the last time you checked in with yourself about where you are heading? Thank you for visiting this page. I was fortunate to have received coaching and became a leadership coach for a multi-national company in my late 20s.

I have been there. I had moments of languishing like something was missing in my life. I just could not articulate what it was. I turned to books, podcast, influencers, motivational videos but I still did not get the clarity I had wanted. Eventually, I learned to reflect on my autopilot thoughts, and reframed negative emotions into motivators. I asked deliberate questions to have a dialogue with myself. All our sessions are conversation-based which you will be asked questions to explore your inner self.

We will clarify your goals, co-create a system together to work towards your aspirational self. Change starts from within and I am really grateful I could be of help to facilitate your transformation journey. Can you work with me on all my issues? I can listen to your issues, ask questions to explore why they are so. I can work with you to create a system with incremental changes that work for you. However, I don’t have a magic wand that will make your issues go away. You need to take accountability and put in the work.

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In 2019 Aaron Pang wrote The Asian Dad: Discover the Purpose of Parenting through the Lens of a First-time Father in the days after his son almost died. This year he released Unstuck – Think Like a Kid and Free Your Mind, a frolic through his positive state of mind that encourages the reader to live in the now, be curious and vulnerable, and ask questions – pretty much just tap into your inner child. Aaron Pang talks about digital detoxes, restricting exposure to fearmongering news, and the need to detach from the material world. Discover extra information on

At age 39 Aaron Pang created a podcast, Transformative Purpose and published three books. His three realisations are: First, you need a healthy mind and body to thrive. Second, reading, writing and doing interviews helped me rediscover myself and break free. These deep and reflective activities fired neurons and made my brain more ‘plastic’. Third, I want to share my struggles, inspirations others give me to help you reinvent yourself. What started as one book, one podcast, one reader, one listener, is now 50 episodes, 12,000 downloads, 26 public libary books, and a bestselling book in Asia.

Finding my inner child is how I transformed negative emotions into the greatest motivator. Now I am using what I learnt to help others find their purpose, transform and make it happen. I am grateful for all the support and positive encouragement from the community.

Aaron Pang is the bestselling author of the popular book, Unstuck – Think Like a Kid and Free Your Mind. Founder of Transformative Purpose – He is a 3-time book author, general management and transformation coach, and keynote speaker. He hosts a top 3% globally ranked podcast, Transformative Purpose. Aaron was recognised by Australia China Alumni Association as the Winner of the Australia China Alumni Award for arts and creative industries in 2022. Aaron’s honest insights on success, motivation and mindset —as well as his ability to develop deep conversations—have made him a leading thought leader in self-improvement. His experience in business has given him a rare breadth of general management and leadership opportunities spanning across business transformation, management consulting, and entrepreneurship. Aaron lives in Hong Kong with his wife and two young boys.