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So what are your options if your A level results aren’t what you want? Everyone will tell you about your main option: Clearing. In some cases, Clearing can be helpful, if you’re flexible. But it can feel a bit like falling into a course and location, rather than choosing it. Additionally, advisors may recommend taking a gap year and applying again next year, either with retakes or to a different course. There’s a lot to be said for a gap year in these circumstances. But, in our opinion, it all comes down to how you use your gap year. And that’s where you’re rarely recommended one of the best solutions there is.

Choosing to temp in London longer term: I’ve considered permanent placements from time to time, but for now, I’m happy building my career as a temp. I love temping in London. I’ve used the flexibility to benefit a good work-life balance but at the same time I feel that I’ve gained more experience in less time. Temps in office support remain in high demand in London, and so for now, that’s what I’m doing! Pretty much every office-based job description calls for digital skills. Yet most people don’t have the digital skills needed by businesses in the current world of work. 52% of people are lacking the digital skills needed in the workplace. This is a big problem for employers. But it does mean that those people who recognise this and take steps to develop their digital skills, are highly attractive to businesses and likely to excel in their chosen area.

Digital skills are a must-have. From digital collaboration with real-time software and file sharing through to security measures and productivity software such as Microsoft Office, you need a wide arsenal of digital skills. The fantastic news is that acquiring many digital skills can be low cost and easy to access, being digital. So, how can you improve your digital skills and where should you focus your attention? Consider the digital skills you need: Start by being honest with yourself about the digital skills you have and your own personal ‘digital skills gap’. One way to do this is to look at job adverts for the type of roles you’d like to go for. Look at the digital skills listed. Start to make a list. Also consider the skills you are aware of within your current workplace, and ways you perhaps avoid digital processes. Be honest; this is just for your personal knowledge.

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