The ascent of an artist : Hash Blink

The rise of a hip hop star : Hash Blink? Hash Blink has been working hard towards his goals of entering the rap realm and making a name for himself ever since he landed in the US two years ago, and even before that when he was performing back in Liberia. Now he’s working on dropping a pair of new singles as well as putting the final touches on his debut album.

Hash Blink or Thomas B. Sheriff is the new growing star in the Hip Hop music world, who got hit by the music bug at the young age of 13. Born and raised in Liberia, Western Africa, he didn’t realize his talent for singing-songwriting until the age of 15. Inspired by 50 Cent’s hit single “P.I.M.P.”, he inclined towards Hip Hop music and started writing songs, and jamming with friends in school. That was the moment when young Thomas started to see himself as Hash Blink.

Hash Blink has made a tough journey for his goals and discovered his true strength on the way. He believes in being brave and grabbing all the opportunities life throws at you. “I want to stick to my plans, make more good music, that buries the sadness, depression, stress, and turns them all into something positive so we can all grow and become whatever we want to be”, the artist adds further. Hash Blink is producing all of his music through his label but he is open to partnering with other labels if they give him creative freedom and the right push in the industry. Hash Blink’s music is available on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Pandora among others.

His fans are eagerly waiting for his debut album, which he says is ready and just being polished. He is also working on releasing a pair of some new great singles in 2020. Hash Blink is also a social media star. He has a huge following in his social media pages. He is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His fans can follow him on Instagram at hash_blink and on Facebook at realhashblink. His Twitter handle is HashBlink. Discover even more information on Hash Blink.