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Even though it is extremely easy to get through, the story is strong enough to keep players hooked. It was so good, in fact, that it spawned the series’ first-ever live-action movie, which was also fairly well-received by fans and critics. Whether or not fans will ever get a sequel to either remains to be seen though. How Many Pokemon are there in Detective Pikachu? As players explore Ryme City they’ll encounter almost 100 Pokemon, many of whom will provide clues that will help them to solve cases. Including Pikachu, the game has 97 Pokemon in total, though given that this number accounts for both regular and Alolan Rattata, it could be argued that there are only actually 96. For those looking for a more traditional Pokemon puzzle game, Pokemon Picross is a fairly decent shout. Much like the Mario Picross game which came before it, the game doesn’t really have too much to do with Pokemon, but thanks to the strength of the Picross formula, that needn’t really be an issue.

The newest entry in the main Pokemon series is as close as the franchise has gotten to a reboot in its storied history. It’s the first game that really opens up the world, giving you chance upon chance to run into Pokemon the wild – just like you would if we did live in a world populated by the little pocket monsters. With an incredible story (that takes you back to a time in the world of Pokemon we’eve never seen before) and new gameplay elements that give the series a bit of a refresh, Pokemon Legends Arceus is a fantastic addition to the franchise that takes the tried-and-true formula and expands it outwards. If you love Pokemon, you’ll love this. Pokemon Crystal then came swooping in as a shiny enhanced remake of Silver and Gold, and it’s especially notable since it was the first ever Pokemon title that let you decide whether you want to play as a boy or a girl. Thankfully this became a mainstay feature in every game that followed.

How Many Pokemon are there in Pokemon Rumble World? Releasing four years on from Pokemon Rumble Blast, Pokemon Rumble World ups the Pokemon count by more than 70, with toy versions of 719 different Pokemon available throughout the game. This means that every single Pokemon up to the release of Pokemon X & Y are featured, from Bulbasaur right through to Diancie. Gates to Infinity was the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game to grace the 3DS. For a roguelike game, it offers up a very kid-friendly take on the genre, which, although great for children, did not sit well with some older players. Critics were generally in agreement on this front, with many bemoaning the game’s shallow combat and overall lack of difficulty. Though none of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are bad, some feel that they just don’t offer enough of a challenge to seasoned fans of the genre. The games all tend to feel incredibly similar to one another too and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is no different in this respect.

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