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Microsoft Dynamics experts 2023: With eating comes appetite – and many other detailed questions. We continue to support your reports and data models even after many years and are available to your specialist departments as data experts at all times. All numbers from Dynamics always in view. Whether displaying production orders in production, customer analysis in sales or the degree to which your company goals have been achieved. A dashboard shows current data in a simple way at any time – on the television, smartphone or notebook. Find even more info at Microsoft Dynamics.

In the world of data analysis and business intelligence, Power BI has established itself as an essential tool for turning data into meaningful insights. But Power BI users often encounter a particular challenge: many-to-many relationships. In this article, we will explore how to solve this problem using a bridge table and implementing Bi-Directional Cross Filtering in Power BI, including connecting to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Navision, and Business Central.

Using sort columns in Power BI’s Fields parameter is a powerful way to specifically customize the sort order of categories. By creating custom sort values and applying these sort columns, you can ensure that your data is presented in visualizations exactly as you intend. The flexibility and adaptability of sort columns allow you to create meaningful reports that effectively convey the message you want.

The Importance of Changing Color in Tables or Matrices: Colors play an important role in data visualization because they can create visual patterns and draw attention to certain aspects. By changing the color of rows in a table/matrix, you can highlight specific data values or identify patterns in the data. This can help improve the readability and interpretability of your tables/matrices.

Introduction to AI Advisor: An AI Advisor (also known as AI Advisor or AI Consultant) is a system or software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps companies or individuals provide advisory services. AI advisors are designed to analyze data, identify patterns, make predictions, and make personalized recommendations to improve decisions and achieve strategic goals. Chat-GPT can be viewed as a form of AI advisor. However, an AI advisor can be defined more broadly to include different types of systems or software that offer advisory services. Data Mining and Predictive Analytics: Business intelligence experts use data mining techniques and predictive analytics models to predict future events or trends. By applying machine learning and statistical models, they help optimize marketing campaigns, customer segmentation and demand forecasting.

Power BI Desktop is a powerful application for creating interactive data visualizations and reports. For complex Power BI projects, particularly those involving Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Navision, and Business Central, effectively managing and monitoring metadata can be challenging. In this blog article, we introduce Power BI Helper, an external tool specifically designed to help users manage metadata in Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Dynamics environments. Power BI Helper is a powerful external tool developed by RADACAD to help users manage and monitor their Power BI projects. It offers a variety of functions and tools to improve metadata management and increase efficiency in developing and maintaining Power BI solutions. Read even more info on