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Now, last year I looked at this and Najee Harris, and I kept screaming this at the top of my lungs, Najee Harris was outside of the top 10. He’s squeaked into the top 10 now. He’s number 8. This guy’s a top 3 running back in the League based on volume, opportunity, talent, youth, and all that fun stuff. So it’s kind of comical how you see right now looking at the consensus rankings, that Dalvin Cook is ahead of Najee Harris. Dalvin Cook is on the decline. Again, there’s just so much to talk about. I mean, that’s why you got to subscribe and thumbs up because I’ve got so much to dive into you from sleepers to break-outs, to rankings, to analyzing it for you from outside of the box perspective.

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Okay, here is a sneaky one. Number four here, I’m going to a quarterback and I think people are going to sleep on him and I still think there’s a ton of upside with him. The guy I’m talking about is Mac Jones. Okay. Let’s talk about him. Let’s talk about his season, 352 completions, 521 attempts, 3,801 yards, 22 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. Now, when I look at this, I look at a rookie. Guys, this is a rookie and this is a guy that didn’t really have any good receivers. He didn’t have any superstar receivers. This is Mac Jones in his first year. And I’m telling you, here’s the thing that’s exciting about him. Mac Jones actually finished 18th amongst quarterbacks in fantasy points. Well, you say, “Well, Joe, that’s not exciting.” I know it’s not exciting, but there is a ton of upside.